Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Walk the Forgiveness Walk

Throughout the six weeks of putting our topics into daily practice, I chose to work on Forgiveness. It seemed very interesting that during those six weeks, people and circumstances seemed to be constantly trying to push me in the opposite direction. There was an abundance of people “double-checking” information that they heard about me (false gossip), a higher stress level in our home, and just blatant rude behavior towards me from extended family members. It was unbelievable. I think that I chose to take on the “challenge” (which it later became) of forgiveness, the Lord really wanted me to learn the true meaning of it. 

I realized that when I put into play of daily true forgiveness, things didn’t bother me as much. True, those things hurt my feelings, but I noticed that I wasn’t harboring those awful feelings and making them ruin my day. I recalled the scripture written by Nephi, “And I did frankly forgive them all that they had done”. It was actually much easier than festering and thinking of ways to ‘get them back’ - a use of another practicum topic, agency. 

I also came to the conclusion, that the Lord is in charge of judgement and will be the final say in our eternal destiny, so who am I to not forgive. The Lord forgives me in all that I do when I ask in humility. Who am I to know that at the end of the day they are not asking for forgiveness from our Father in Heaven. Granted, it’s unlikely, but it does not change the fact that I do not know, and that I need to forgive so that the Lord can forgive me and that I may progress in the path that our Savior wants me to. 

I spent a few days each week reflecting on how I could do better, I well exceeded the necessary 2-4 hours of reflection and application. 

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